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The future of selling real estate is here.

Easier. Faster. Better.

At Moseler Perkins Group we offer solutions for those looking to sell a house fast for cash in Savannah GA. Gone are the days of endless tours, spotless houses, major renovation projects before selling, and waiting months. Georgia cash home buyers beat the more traditional route by buying houses "as is", with no fees or commissions and we can do it on your schedule. Call us today to schedule a sit down or better yet, answer a couple questions over the phone and get a cash offer within 24 HOURS (not days, HOURS)!!!

Key Benefits

-Close quickly

-Sell "as is"

-No "fees"

-Can help any situation

Moseler Perkins Group

3 Phase Process


Once we get to know you and your house, we make a fair market offer.


Once the offer is accepted, we then inspect your house and do a routine check to get to know the ins and outs of your house.


Once the inspection is complete, we buy houses fast in Savannah and then set a closing date that works for you. At closing you get a check for exactly the amount agreed on. No commissions, no fees, no hassle.